09 :: Let's talk business

Establish a tourist itinerary, which includes the Cathedral, and optimize your route network to improve public transport throughout the city.

Unlocking the Cathedral.

Use one or more drivers to generate recipes on a route that connects: (You must first complete the trip).

- Central bus station (1 stop)
- Central station (min 1 stop)
- Cathedral (1 stop)
- Old Town (min 3 stops)
- At least 4 buses and non-playable conductors

Own 10 Central Bus Station routes that use drivers to generate recipes: (Create 9 other routes with a minimum of 4 stops).

Have a turnover of €45 000 (or according to the currency of the language of your game) per week for at least 3 weeks: (This takes into account your recipes and those of your drivers).

90% of bus stops (unlocked) must be on a profitable route: (All stops in Old Town only).

All network stops must be at least at level 5: (Only for the Old Town area).

Reward: €200 000,00 (or according to the currency of the language of your game).